by | October 16, 2018 | 13:56

The new explanation, whatever its truth, seemed meant to ease the political crisis that Khashoggi's disappearance has created for Saudi Arabia . He made no remarks upon landing. The U.S. news network cited two unnamed sources. Saudi officials have not answered repeated requests for comment over recent days from The Associated Press.

by | October 16, 2018 | 12:59

Khashoggi , a USA resident, Washington Post columnist and leading critic of the powerful Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, vanished after entering the consulate on October 2 to get marriage documents. Pelosi then questioned whether Trump put personal profit ahead of country in the case of Khashoggi - whom the Saudis are reportedly about to admit was killed in a botched interrogation .

by | October 15, 2018 | 01:58

Quoting an official source, SPA reported that Saudi Arabia would retaliate and respond to any measure against it with bigger measures. The Jordanian government also affirmed the Kingdom's central role in consolidating security, stability and peace and enhancing economic cooperation both regionally and globally.

by | October 13, 2018 | 05:27

The US recently imposed tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese exports, prompting Beijing to counter with its own tariffs on $60 billion worth of US products. "A lot of people were concerned when the QEs were done whether the Fed would ever be able to downsize and I think the market has handled the supply very well, ' Mnuchin said".

by | October 12, 2018 | 03:59

Trump says in a television interview that "we have investigators over there and we're working with Turkey and frankly we're working with Saudi Arabia ". On his first worldwide trip as president, Trump visited Saudi Arabia and announced $110 billion in proposed arms sales. Ali Bakeer, an expert on Middle Eastern affairs, told Daily Sabah that if the Saudis are responsible for killing or kidnapping Khashoggi, and the available evidence until now points to them, then this "barbaric" act should ...

by | October 10, 2018 | 11:00

Bilal Ahmed, an economic analyst, said . The reserve requirement ratio (RRR) was cut by a full percentage point, effective Octover 15, injecting a net 750 billion yuan (US$109.2 billion) in cash into the banking system. Trade tensions are expected to continue although Fund officials view U.S. -Mexico-Canada trade agreement as a positive sign. "We see the future of industry as being bleak as investors are trying hard to sustain growth momentum", Syed Mazhar Ali Nasir, senior vice president of ...

by | October 08, 2018 | 12:55

Crude futures rose on Friday as USA unemployment data eased concerns about demand in the world's top oil consumer, with both benchmarks set for a weekly gain ahead of US sanctions on Iranian oil exports. The situation is not helped by analytical prognostications that in some cases are extremely erratic, case in point: Goldman Sachs , which over the past week has changed its mind repeatedly about if other nations can make up for the Iranian shortfall and whether prices will or will not spike.

by | October 07, 2018 | 13:04

See the chart below. More than a million cars from Japan, 200,000 cars from Europe have been hit by the recall. If a vehicle was to stall at high speed, this could increase the chances of a auto crash occurring. Prius hybrid vehicle at the visitor center of the company's Tsutsumi plant in Toyota City, Aichi, Japan, on Friday, Dec. 8, 2017. Toyota said owners will be notified once the software update is available.

by | October 07, 2018 | 12:28

The reduction follows petrol and diesel prices soaring to new highs. The central excise on petrol and diesel went up by 211 per cent and 443 per cent respectively in this same period. Chandigarh has reduced the fuel prices by Rs 1.50. The decision was taken during a closed-door meeting between the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Jaitley and petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan.

by | October 05, 2018 | 13:15

USA drug companies will also now be able to sell products in Canada for 10 years before facing competition from generics, up from eight years. That also comes with the possible tradeoff of higher costs for users of the drugs . Still, it's in some respects an incremental advance from the Pacific deal that Trump walked away from. In a joint statement, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said the agreement "will ...

by | October 05, 2018 | 08:24

Canada has used this provision to win most of the USA challenges to the export of Canadian lumber. The first protections for the Canadian dairy industry were introduced around 1970. Bickford said that although people think of milk as local, dairy is a global industry, and it's one that is particularly dependent on Mexico and Canada .

by | October 04, 2018 | 08:39

US President Donald Trump is claiming a win over an eleventh hour trade deal with Canada which he has labeled the "most important trade deal we've made". After more than a year of hard negotiations, the agreement - now including Mexico and Canada - will be sent to Congress Monday. "USMCA will give our workers, farmers, ranchers and businesses a high-standard trade agreement that will result in freer markets, fairer trade and robust economic growth in our region", they said in a joint ...

by | October 02, 2018 | 17:25

Amazon purchased Austin-based Whole Foods in June 2017. The pay hike, one of the largest awarded by any major USA company, will affect 250,000 Amazon employees and 100,000 seasonal employees who are hired at Amazon sites during the holiday season.

by | October 02, 2018 | 16:13

Officials in Washington have moved to hold Facebook accountable, while officials in Europe are demanding that Facebook be more transparent about what is really going on concerning the extent of the latest data breach . How did Facebook get to know about the hack? "This attack exploited the complex interaction of multiple issues in our code", Facebook disclosed, according to Newsmax.

by | October 01, 2018 | 11:39

If the deal is ratified by the three countries' legislatures, their heads of state - US President Donald Trump , Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexico's outgoing president Enrique Pena Nieto - will sign it on November 30, reported Mexican TV network Televisa.

by | September 26, 2018 | 18:52

Devoted followers of fashion who are clutching their faux pearls over the Michael Kors purchase of Versace for US$2.12-billion should keep in mind that it's an acquisition, not a merger. The deal, which Kors is funding with cash on hand and its credit facility, includes 150 million euros worth of stock in the new Capri Holdings. Since the murder of founder Gianni Versace , the Italian fashion house has been helmed by the designer's sister, Donatella.

by | September 26, 2018 | 17:26

President Donald Trump on Monday announced a trade agreement between the United States and South Korea that he said will be mutually beneficial. In his address past year to the UN, Trump insulted Kim as a " rocket man " bent on nuclear destruction. Since withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, the us has reimposed sanctions on the regime, and Trump is urging reluctant partners to do the same.

by | September 25, 2018 | 04:13

Artistic Director of the fashion giant and Vice President of the company said to be worth about $2 billion, Donatella Versace , has reportedly called a meeting in Milan for Tuesday. But word that a deal is close sent Kors shares down nearly 9 per cent to as low as US$66.33 in NY on Monday, the biggest intraday drop since May 30.

by | September 24, 2018 | 22:39

She was smart and we were excited. "That said, I think Michelle tried hard and was involved with government", he said. ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie has been sacked from the national broadcaster. Ms Guthrie was also taken to task by the public sector union, the CPSU, which said her planned re-structuring of the corporation risked contributing to increased stress levels for staff.

by | September 23, 2018 | 19:00

It seems the damage from the Iran sanctions is underpinning the market, encouraging speculators to buy on the dips, while fresh supply news like weekly API and EIA reports is providing the firepower for weekly price spikes. Iran's oil production is likely to drop as USA sanctions kick in beginning November. "The goal is to keep oil prices below $80/b and preferably in the mid-$70s range until after the USA election".

by | September 22, 2018 | 14:23

Saudi Arabia , Russia and other major exporting countries are scheduled to meet Sunday in Algiers to review the oil market. "No country is allowed to take over the share of other members for production and exports of oil under any circumstance, and the Ministerial Conference has not issued any licence for such actions", Iran's oil ministry news agency SHANA quoted Kazem Gharibabadi, the permanent envoy to Vienna-based organizations, as saying.

by | September 21, 2018 | 17:12

Australian police are investigating more than 100 reports of people hiding needles in strawberries and other fruit. Six brands of strawberry supplier are believed to have been affected and their produce since recalled. "We still haven't any confirmed motivation or reasons why a person would want to do this", said Doherty. "The strawberries are safe to eat.wash them and cut them and eat them", he said.

by | September 21, 2018 | 16:15

The 166 passengers were left in the unpressurized cabin of the Boeing 737 for 45 minutes, according to the Guardian . A DGCA official said that the incident occurred after cabin pressure fell due to the fault of cockpit crew. Sources told India Today TV that during take-off, the Jet Airways crew forgot to activate what is known as the "bleed switch". Indian aviation regulator - Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) confirmed that the incident was caused by an error by ...

by | September 18, 2018 | 09:28

Part of the reason behind the Prime Minister's hopes that a Brexit deal could be reached, is that the European Union has said it wants to "de-dramatise" the Northern Ireland border issue, now one of the biggest sticking points in Brexit negotiations.

by | September 17, 2018 | 12:08

In case you missed the news, there have been seven confirmed cases now of strawberries with needles found in them . Acting Detective Chief Superintendent Terry Lawrence said there was no evidence of extortion but police inquiries were continuing.

by | September 10, 2018 | 13:01

In a statement, the airline added: "We have notified the police and relevant authorities". The breach has been "resolved" and the website is "working normally", it said. Curry's PC World and Dixons Carphone are others that announced hacks that affected millions of customers. "I asked repeatedly for an explanation".

by | September 08, 2018 | 21:25

The suit cites Musk's "long-standing public feud with short-sellers", claiming he manipulated the price of Tesla securities to hurt such investors - and in so doing damaged all buyers of the company's shares by issuing false and misleading information.

by | September 05, 2018 | 16:10

Inc on Tuesday joined Apple Inc in the $1 trillion club, becoming the second member of the group after its stock price doubled in 15 months. For example, you can expect to see Amazon commercials during NFL Thursday Night Football this season, as well as ads on video game streaming service Twitch, which the company acquired in 2014.

by | September 05, 2018 | 15:39

Boston City Council member Ayana Pressley (D) has knocked off 10-term Rep. Michael Capuano (D-MA), the latest progressive insurgent to topple an establishment favorite in a primary this election cycle. He said the party is "getting serious about who its representatives are in terms of not just identity politics but have coalitions resemble the people who are the voters".

by | September 04, 2018 | 17:24

In Kolkata , petrol was retailed at Rs 82.22 per litre and diesel at Rs 74.19 per litre. The government's decision to stop a full petrol price hike from taking place this month may come back to haunt consumers. Secondly, global currencies have weakened against the USA dollar". The appreciation of dollar against rupee has also pushed up rates for compressed natural gas (CNG) as well as piped natural gas (PNG) since the price of gas procured by city distributors is mostly ...

by | September 03, 2018 | 20:43

Donald Trump has repeatedly denounced NAFTA as "one of the worst trade deals ever made". With a pledge to resume talks next week, Freeland spoke of progress, of optimism and of her determination to get a deal that's good for Canadians - a remarkable show of restraint on a day that began with another blast of now-familiar Trump bombast that landed like an anvil on the negotiating table.

by | September 03, 2018 | 19:28

Xi announced that Africa's poorest nations would be given interest-free loans from China so that they incur less sovereign debt. "It is not a China club", Mr Xi said in a speech on Monday to mark the project's anniversary, describing Belt and Road as an "open and inclusive" project.

by | September 01, 2018 | 20:02

This is a full-scale Bugatti Chiron built out of Lego Technic pieces, or elements as the Technic team would like to call them. This wonder of an automobile was created by the LEGO group, and will be unveiled today for the first time at the Grand Prix Formula 1 event in Monza, Italy.

by | September 01, 2018 | 19:22

The word you're searching for is "threatening". "The fact that agreement on those hard issues for Mexico was able to be reached definitely clears the way for us to have significant, substantive, and I hope productive, conversations with the U.S.

by | August 30, 2018 | 17:28

Over 100 lives were lost. RBI's accounting year runs from July to June. "Modiji, will you apologise for that lie now?" The numbers have come after nearly two years since the demonetisation was announced on November 8, 2016. Terming announcement of demonetisation a "Tughlaqi Farman", Tewari asked what it had really achieved and alleged that it wiped out the MSME, cottage industry, tiny job sectors.