by | August 15, 2018 | 21:31

CNN host John Berman mentioned a recent Gallup poll , which shows Democrats view socialism more favorably than capitalism, and asked Hallquist if she was surprised by the poll's results. "Congratulations to Christine Hallquist , the first transgender woman to be nominated by a major political party as a candidate for the governor's office", Takei tweeted on Tuesday night.

by | August 15, 2018 | 21:10

Defense rests case without calling any witnesses; Catherine Herridge reports on the court proceedings. Andres argued that while Manafort did not "choose a Boy Scout" as his associate, Gates' testimony was corroborated by other evidence, including almost 400 exhibits.

by | August 15, 2018 | 20:46

Rather than answering "yes" or "no", he would say that it is "important to consider" the circumstances and details surrounding the cases listed in the grand jury report . Another priest forced a 9-year-old boy into having oral sex, then rinsed out the boy's mouth with holy water. They are among at least 1,000 children molested by at least 300 priest in Pennsylvania since the 1940s.

by | August 14, 2018 | 22:27

Vienna in Austria topped the list with a score of 99.1 percent, beating out Melbourne which had previously held the title as the World's Most Liveable City for seven years . One year after overtaking Hong Kong in the rankings, Singapore slipped back behind its Asian rival to come in at 37 on the list. Manchester rose 16 places to 35th, the biggest improvement of any European city.

by | August 13, 2018 | 19:27

Earlier this month, the Trump administration announced sanctions against Turkey for failing to release Andrew Brunson , a 50-year-old evangelical pastor who was arrested in 2016 on suspicion of aiding a failed military coup, claims the pastor denies.

by | August 13, 2018 | 18:30

In the book, Newman describes hearing about the tape but not hearing it herself. In the recording , John can be heard telling Omarosa that if she chooses to walk away without any trouble, her reputation won't be damaged. Conway said "that is not what was offered" to Newman. "It's a threat. He went on to say that, 'Things could get ugly you .' ..." "They told me I could work from home, if I even wanted to work.

by | August 13, 2018 | 13:14

Prime Minister Modi had called up Khan on July 30 and congratulated him on his electoral success. Dawood served in the cabinet of former military dictator Pervez Musharraf. Outgoing National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq administered the oath to the members of Pakistan's 15th National Assembly. Hence, a winning candidate will need support of 166 lawmakers instead of 172.

by | August 11, 2018 | 21:30

The largest fire in California history is the Mendocino Complex Fire , which consists of the Ranch and River fires - in Northern California. Nielsen spoke Friday at a press briefing in Redding, California, to update the public on the Carr Fire in Shasta County.

by | August 11, 2018 | 20:17

Reuters has reported collapsed buildings and widespread damage, likely compounding fresh damage from quakes which have already devastated the island this month. Workers with heavy machinery are searching the rubble of homes, schools and mosques, with hope of finding any survivors fading. Aid had begun trickling into some of the most isolated regions by midday Thursday, officials said , but many displaced people still lack basic supplies.

by | August 11, 2018 | 17:13

Within minutes of the plane's takeoff, the military scrambled two F-15 jets from Portland to follow the plane authorities said. The tweet said the crash may have been caused by the mechanic 'doing stunts in air or lack of flying skills'.

by | August 10, 2018 | 13:32

Egypt saw crucial USA military aid frozen previous year over its own human rights record amid one of its toughest ever crackdowns on dissent, but that decision was reversed last month. "Canada stands together with the Badawi family in this hard time, and we continue to strongly call for the release of both Raif and Samar Badawi". According to The Globe and Mail , citing a Saudi government source, more than 15,000 Saudis are studying in Canada on government-funded courses or grants at ...

by | August 10, 2018 | 11:26

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemned the coalition air strike and called on all parties to spare civilians and "to respect their obligations under global humanitarian law, in particular the fundamental rules of distinction, proportionality and precautions in attack", U.N.

by | August 10, 2018 | 10:47

Gates said he and Manafort turned to a Cypriot lawyer, whom he referred to in court as "Dr K", who set up bank accounts and shell companies on Manafort's behalf and "handled everything". Overall, the accountant traced more than $65 million flowing into offshore accounts controlled by Manafort, and she detailed for jurors how more than $15.5 million flowed out to fund his lavish lifestyle between 2010 and 2014.

by | August 08, 2018 | 20:30

K" because his name, Gates said, was hard to pronounce - to create "shelf" companies to receive payments from Manafort's various Ukrainian political clients for their work. Both Manafort and Gates were indicted past year on charges of bank and tax fraud as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe. Gates pleaded guilty in February to one count of conspiracy against the United States and one count of lying to an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent in exchange for testifying against ...

by | August 08, 2018 | 20:29

The report says Collins has been arrested on the charges and his co-defendants include his son Cameron Collins, and the father of his fiancee, Stephen Zarsky. The U.S. Attorney's Office in Manhattan will speak about the indictment during a news conference scheduled for noon. Attorneys representing Collins said in response to the indictment that they are confident the congressmen will be "completely vindicated and exonerated", NBC producer Alex Moe reported .

by | August 08, 2018 | 20:01

They were both sentenced to 12 years in prison in a case that has horrified the country. Her partner, Christian L, was sentenced to 12 years by the court in Freiburg. It said the mother was aware from the start of the man's pedophile tendencies and previous conviction. The couple also sexually abused a three-year-old girl in 2015.

by | August 08, 2018 | 18:29

The trade representative said the tariffs were a response to an investigation, released this year, which found China's policies on technology transfer, intellectual property and innovation were unreasonable and discriminatory, and placed an unfair burden U.S.

by | August 08, 2018 | 11:38

Trump won the district by 11 percentage points in the White House race in 2016 and Republican Pat Tiberi won re-election to the House by a whopping 37 percentage points. But at least 3,367 provisional ballots are still outstanding, which could lead Mr O'Connor to force a recount. Balderson and O'Connor will face off again in November to fill the next two-year term.

by | August 07, 2018 | 17:19

Articles appear on for a limited time. Israel has fought three wars with Palestinian militants in Gaza since 2008 and says the blockade is necessary to keep them from obtaining weapons or materials that could be used for military purposes.

by | August 07, 2018 | 15:47

US President Donald Trump renewed his attacks on two of his favorite targets: the special counsel Russia probe and the news media, while he appeared to confirm that his son's Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer was aimed at getting information about Hillary Clinton .

by | August 07, 2018 | 15:33

But a second tranche coming into effect on November 5 covering Iran's vital oil sector, could be far more damaging - even if several key customers such as China, India and Turkey have refused to significantly cut their purchases. "If the ayatollahs want to get out from under the squeeze, they should come and sit down". He says the move is needed to prevent Iranian nuclear ambitions.

by | August 07, 2018 | 14:48

The twirling tower of flame reached speeds of 143 miles per hour (230 kph), which rivaled some of the most destructive Midwest tornados, National Weather Service meteorologist Duane Dykema said . Firefighters had managed to contain 41 percent of the Carr blaze by Saturday evening, and authorities were allowing some evacuees to return. Hughes was killed July 29 by a falling tree while fighting the wildfire that has closed Yosemite National Park at the height of tourist season.

by | August 07, 2018 | 12:58

But fierce, hot winds continue to whip flames into a frenzy. The Mendocino Complex was still growing as it broke the record set last December. "California wildfires are being magnified and made so much worse by the bad environmental laws which aren't allowing massive amount of readily available water to be properly utilized", Trump wrote on Twitter .

by | August 06, 2018 | 10:16

Washington chose to reimpose sanctions and has told other countries they must halt all imports of Iranian oil from November 4 or face USA financial measures. Unlike North Korea, with whom the Trump administration is now eager to negotiate, Iran never produced a nuclear bomb. Iran's parliament, for the first time ever, has called up Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to grill him on the foreboding economic downturn.

by | August 06, 2018 | 08:02

The Chinese duties ranging from 5 percent to 25 percent will be levied on 5,207 kinds of American imports, the Ministry of Finance said in a statement on its website. plan to raise tariffs on Dollars 200 billion of Chinese goods from 10 per cent to 25 per cent, state-run Xinhua news agency reported. President Trump has used tariffs and the threat of new tariffs against countries - particularly China - as part of his economic policy, in an attempt to renegotiate trade deals.

by | August 06, 2018 | 07:12

Sekulow also supported Trump's tweet on Sunday asserting there was nothing illegal about a controversial 2016 Trump Tower meeting aimed at getting dirt on Democratic rival Hillary Clinton . "I wasn't involved in the statement drafting at all, nor was the President", Sekulow said on July 12, 2017. Trump has denied knowing about the meeting before it happened.

by | August 05, 2018 | 21:57

Police said that the aircraft had burned and officials haven't yet been able to ascertain the exact number and identity of those who died. "We can assume that the aircraft hit the ground near-vertically and at relatively high speed", Daniel Knecht of the Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board said at a news conference in Flims.

by | August 04, 2018 | 22:18

The nearest downstream town is Lynchburg, located about 1 mile from the dam. A deluge of rain in Virginia has prompted hundreds of people living below an overflowing dam to be evacuated from their homes. There is some good news in the forecast: Following two weeks of relentlessly wet weather in the eastern US, a drier weather pattern will move in over the weekend and into early next week, AccuWeather said.

by | August 03, 2018 | 20:18

During a rally in Tampa, Florida, Trump said that if "you want to buy anything, you need ID and you need your picture", but this isn't true for buying standard groceries . In doing so, he said buying groceries requires an ID. "I'm not sure why that matters, either". The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University has performed extensive research showing that claims of pervasive "voter fraud - in which voters show up at the ballot box claiming to be someone else, voting a couple of ...

by | August 03, 2018 | 20:10

Republicans hold a slim 51-49 Senate majority. The Archives's stance makes it unlikely that documents from Kavanaugh's time as staff secretary will be handed over to lawmakers unless Republicans agree to request them, something they have been unwilling to do so far.

by | August 03, 2018 | 17:22

They are 24 percent contained. Covelo is a highly rural area in northern Mendocino County, east of Highway 101. With a red flag warning posted for this evening through Saturday, firefighters are continuing to be challenged by the Carr Fire, which now stands at 125,842 acres and remains at 35 percent containment.

by | August 02, 2018 | 21:59

Labelling the newly discovered hybrid a "wholphin" may mean people wrongly assume it is a cross between two very different animals, scientists said. Described as having the fins of a dolphin but the body and head of a whale. Cascadia has conducted field research in the Canadian Arctic, Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, Hawai'i, Mexico, and the waters off Central America.

by | August 02, 2018 | 21:20

The activists are denouncing violent protests but calling the government's reaction illegal and "grossly disproportionate to the violence that it sought to contain". On Tuesday former MDC finance minister Tendai Biti and ZESN, the main domestic election monitor, said one in five polling stations - more than 2,000 in all - had not physically posted tallies on their doors, as required by law.

by | August 02, 2018 | 21:06

At a gathering of the Koch-backed Seminar Network over the weekend in Colorado Springs, its co-chairman Brian Hooks lamented the "tremendous lack of leadership" in Washington . "But they were willing to support the tax cut and the deregulation, while opposing the heart of Trumpism - trade and immigration". Phillips cited Cramer's support for the Export Import Bank, the farm bill and the $1.3 trillion spending package for the decision.

by | August 02, 2018 | 20:45

Richard Black Jr. was shot by an Aurora police officer after he shot a home intruder. He was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. He saw an armed man shot, and then checked the house for safety. 'He was a family man - a grandpa that was protecting his family. Colorado police mistook an armed homeowner with an intruder and shot him dead, authorities said.