Mary Jones

I am a financial analyst, value investor and engage in opportunistic research. I identify misunderstood and undervalued equity investments and hold those securities until their price approximates my estimate of intrinsic value.

I believe that value is often uncovered in less visible and underfollowed areas of the stock market. I run a concentrated portfolio, am contrarian by virtue and ignore the crowd. I try to think independently, challenge conventional thinking and take chances on my high conviction ideas.

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Robin Carnes

I hold a PhD in the field of epidemiology a masters degree in public health. My undergraduate training is in policy, economics and the sciences. I have utilized my training in employment with government, academia, private industry and to further analyze the fundamentals and technical of all manner of companies in different sectors. Specifically, I like to trade growth companies, REITS, biotechnology/ pharmaceuticals and small-cap companies. I have been investing for about 10 years. I also enjoy trading short expiration options, and investing in stocks with 3-20 year horizons.

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Jose Williams

Jose Williams is a top contributor on Wall Street Breaking News in both the long ideas and technology section of the website.

I have been interested in the markets since elementary school, and hope to pursue a career in the investment administration industry. I have been active in the markets for several years, and am primarily focused on long/short equities.

I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree from Lehigh University, where I double majored in Finance and Accounting, with a minor in History. My major track focused on Investments and Financial Analysis.

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Tim Jackson

I am a former investment advisor and owner of several businesses, and consequently everything related to business – counting investing, macro-economics, and emerging products and services come under my research and interests radar.

The most interesting and important to me are the entertainment industry, commodities, BRICs, and the impact of loose money policies on businesses and investors.

These days I invest only for myself, while ongoing to write on a variety of financial and economic topics.

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